Recover Counselling


  •   Are you feeling stuck with the way things are?
  • Are your relationships unraveling?
  • Are you going through separation or divorce & don't know what your next step               is?
  • Does Depression & Anxiety prevent you from living the life you want?
  • Are you struggling to overcome addiction?
  • Is your career on hold?  Your creativity blocked?
  • Are you unable to grieve your losses & move forward?
  • Have you lost a loved one to suicide?
  • Are you a victim of physical / sexual / emotional abuse?
  • Have you been diagnosed with mental illness?




Why wait to feel better?


Counselling can help you implement positive changes in your life.


                                             Mon - Fri:  5.30 - 8.30pm

                                             Sat:  9 - 1pm

                                             Sun:  Closed

455 Great Western Highway, Faulconbridge, NSW

Recover Counselling

Phone: 0411 307 696



Blue Mountains Wellness Centre

455 Great Western Highway, Faulconbridge, NSW 2776


Parking:  Exit Great Western Highway at either Grose Road or Churchill Street onto Coomassie Avenue.  Turn into Stonehurst Place.